Front Yard Chain Link Fencing: Four Advantages For Families In Autumn & Early Winter


When a chain link fence is installed on property, it comes with many different advantages. While it's common to see these fences line up around the backyards of home, you also have the option of having a chain link fence installed around the perimeter of your front yard. Having these fences installed on your front yard comes with many different advantages. If you have children, then your whole family can enjoy the many benefits of these fences. Spring and summer offer an ideal time for playing in the fenced-in area, but there are also several ways to use the fence throughout the autumn and early winter. If you're "on the fence" about whether to have the chain link installed, browse through these advantages and see how the installation can benefit your family during this season.

Bus Stop Waiting

As autumn arrives, so does back-to-school time for many children. Early mornings of waiting for the bus can be made safer with the installation of a chain link fence. These fences can be installed with gates that lead to the driveway, sidewalk, or road. Instead of having children wait outside of the fencing, you can have them stay safely inside of the fenced-in area until the bus has arrived. This extra safety measure can help prevent your child from darting in the street or wandering off when they're not supposed to. Once the bus pulls up, they can exit through the fence gate and safely get on the bus. As the child learns the routine, you can transition them to staying out on their own while you wait inside the home for the bus to arrive.

Package Deliveries

As the holiday season arrives, the number of packages getting delivered to your home may dramatically increase. Leaving the package on your front step can create a security vulnerability. Instead of falling victim to "porch pirates,"you can help deter these crimes by having a chain link fence installed around your front yard. The fence prevents quick access to the area. When people steal packages, it is typically done in an instant, but this is prevented through the fence installation. Along with the fence itself, you can install a gate alert system. This system works similar to doorbell. When the gate is swung open, an audible sound will play to indicate that someone is entering or leaving the fenced-in area. When packages are delivered, the delivery person can leave them inside the gated area. If you're home, the gate sound will allow you to retrieve the package without having to leave it on the front porch for too long. The audible alarm can also deter people from trying to enter the gate and steal your packages.

Driveway Snow & Shoveling

As autumn reaches its final months in November and December, many people start expecting the arrival of snow. When driveways are covered in snow, it may be hard to navigate in and out while seeing properly. A chain link fence installation can help define your driveway more. The fence can make it easier to shovel without accidentally digging up the landscaping. A fence installation can also prevent vehicles from driving over the lawn and tearing it apart as wheels spin and turn. A fence installation can be placed right up to the edge of the lawn so it's easy to see the perimeter during the snowy weather.

Holiday Decorations

Autumn is filled with many holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is also a huge time for the build-up to Christmas celebrations. The installation of a chain link fence can provide all types of decorating opportunities for families. The fence itself is great for hanging decorative lights and hanging objects like leaf bag ghosts and pumpkins. Yard decorations can also be kept safe and protected on your lawn when they are displayed inside the fence. This includes inflatable Christmas stands or Halloween decorations like a fake graveyard. Once the fence is installed, you can create great memories with your family as you plan out different decorations.

A fence contractor can give you pricing estimates and showcase all of the different chain link options for your home. Contact a company like Town & Country Fence to get started.


8 August 2016

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