5 Tips For Using A Manual Post Pounder


If you want to install your own chain link fence, then you will likely become quite familiar with using a post pounder. Post pounders, also known as post drivers in some areas, are relatively simple tools. They are heavy metal tubes with handles that slip over the top end of the fence post you want to drive into the ground. You then repeatedly raise and drop the pounder to pound the post into place. With a post pounder, you do not have to dig a hole and mix concrete to keep your posts in place. However, using a post pounder can be straining for some people. Below are some tips to keep yourself healthy and fresh while pounding your posts. 

Get a Weight You Can Easily Handle

Post pounders are commercially available in a variety of weights. Heavier pounders strike the post with more force, which drives the post into the ground more quickly and efficiently. However, a heavy post pounder can cause fatigue if you have a smaller stature or if you are not used to hard physical labor. For this reason, you should get a pounder that you can easily lift repeatedly. You may want to purchase a post pounder in person as opposed to online so you can pick it up and try it out. You should be able to easily lift it over your head without feeling strained. Remember, you will be lifting it hundreds of times to place an entire fence. 

Besides the weight, you will also want to consider the length of the post pounder and whether or not it has handles. It is important that you choose a pounder that you are comfortable working with. 

Use Your Legs As Much As Possible 

Your legs tend to be a larger, more powerful muscle group than your arms. Because of this, you should use your legs as much as possible while you are pounding posts. To use your legs, stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder-width apart. As you bring the post down, lower into a squatting position. As you raise the post pounder, straighten your knees to return to standing. This can take stress off of your arms and help protect your back while you work. 

Slip the Pounder on the Post Before Placing the Post 

If you are working on your own, you should place the pounder over the end of the fence post before you raise the post into its position. If you try to place the post first and then cover it with the post pounder, you will have to raise the post pounder with one hand. This can be difficult and can put your fingers at risk for being pinched. 

Let the Weight of the Pounder Do the Work 

Pounding fence posts can be physically exhilarating. It is easy to get carried away by the endorphins that are released during physical labor and begin to over-exert yourself. However, it is important to keep in mind that post pounding is usually a full-day activity, and you will want to save your strength for the rest of your project. It is important to try to relax and let the weight of the post pounder do the work. Instead of pulling the pounder down forcefully, you should concentrate on lifting it after each stroke and then letting it drop on its own. 

Start With Small Strokes

It is important to regularly check to make sure your post remains level as you pound it. However, if you start with straight, even strokes, your post will likely go in evenly. To make sure your initial strokes are even, start with a few small strokes. You should raise the pounder a few inches and drop it until it is securely in the ground before starting larger, fuller strokes. 

If you are having trouble with a manual pounder, consider contacting a fencing contractor. Professionals often use pneumatic pounders, which speed up the process. For more information, contact a business such as Elrod Fence Co.


9 August 2016

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