Have a Backyard Slope? Aluminum Fencing Options to Keep Dogs in the Yard


A number of families install aluminum fencing to help keep dogs contained and to prevent them from easily running away. If your backyard is sloped, then this can be more of a challenge. By hiring the services of a fence contractor, you can choose a variety of aluminum fencing options that add style to your backyard area and provide protection for your dog. One of the biggest ways to help with this is by eliminating the gaps that can occur on fencing slopes. Browse through each of the following fencing options so that you are fully prepared and understand your available options when hiring a fence contractor.

Rackable Fencing Panels

As fences are placed on a slope, they need to be angles enough so that the there is no gap between the fence and the ground. One of the best ways to do this is with a rackable fencing panel. These panels feature rotating joints on the posts and pickets. This allows a fencing contractor to adjust the fencing panel to the exact angle of the slope in your yard. As each panel is attached, it can be individually adjusted so that it forms as close to the ground as possible. If the yard curves at all, then the fencing panels may also include swivel mounts to help reduce the gaps and provide an even fencing structure. Once the fencing is in place, the panels lock into place so that they cannot just be lifted or rotated into another position.

Picket Spacing

The picket spacing is an important element of your fence, especially if you have small dogs. When a fence is installed on a slope, small dogs may try to find angles and ways to try and crawl under the fencing area. By choosing a fence design with short picket spacing, you can eliminate the danger of your dog squeezing through the gaps. Picket designs can be purchased to feature a gap as little as an inch long. Not only will this help keep your dogs from crawling through the fence, but it can also help prevent other animals from coming inside.

Picket Spears

If you're worried about your dog crawling under the fence, then you may also be concerned with your dog jumping or climbing over it. Instead of providing easy grapple points and areas to climb over, you can deter those actions by having a contractor add picket spears to the fence design. When a fence is installed on a slope, it may seem easier to get over the fence from a higher position. The use of picket spears can create pointed areas that dogs will not try to climb over. The spear designs can blend seamlessly into the fence design and you have a number of aesthetic options to choose from. This includes designs with different curves, metal finishes, or ornamental pieces. A fencing contractor can show you different samples and designs that you can use on your fencing installation.

Powder Coat Finishing

As your dog runs up and down a sloped yard, they are bound to make contact with the fence. You can add protection and durability by choosing a fence with a powder coat finish. A powder coating is a unique type of paint application that is added to fencing designs to add a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preferences. It can help prevent scratches or dents to the aluminum caused by dogs. The durability of a power coating can also protect the fencing from weather elements. For example, during a rainstorm, water may run down the slope and make contact with more areas of the fence. The powder coat will add extra protection during these circumstances.

By using the services of a fence contractor, your dog can stay in the backyard and the whole area can look great thanks to the aluminum fencing styles and designs.


13 September 2016

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