Daycare Owners: 4 Automatic-Gate Features to Help Increase Security and Safety


Running a daycare involves the responsibility of caring for small children. Having proper safety and access measures in place is an ideal way to protect children and reassure parents. One of the biggest areas of safety that daycare owners should be concerned about is the point of entry. Instead of just allowing anyone to pull up to the daycare, you can increase the safety and access control by installing an automatic gate. By attaching a gate to a matching fence exterior, you have the ability to keep people out and know exactly who is coming into the business. As you shop for various automatic gates, there are four features that can cater directly to daycare businesses and their needs. Browse through each of these features to help plan out your automatic-gate installation and make it easier to communicate with fence contractors.

Gate Timers

A typical daycare has specific drop-off and pick-up times for children. To help regulate these times and make things easier, you can set a gate timer for an automated gate system. These timers will keep the gates open during these specific hours and then close them for the duration of the day so that only authorized workers can have access to the area. For example, you may have drop off times from 8:00 am until 9:00 am. After 9:00 am, the gates will close and lock to prevent people from just pulling up to the property. If a parent needs to pick up their child early, then an intercom system can be used so that the person can access the gate and and come into the daycare center. The gates can be opened up once again for the pick-up times around 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Gate Passes

If you want to leave the gate closed during all hours, then you can set parents up with special gate passes. There are two ways that these passes can be set up. Automated key cards can be scanned at gates so that they open up upon arrival. When each parent receives a separate keycard, it's easy to track access to the gate each day. Once a parent pulls their child out of daycare, you can deactivate the card so that they no longer have access to it. The second way to offer a gate pass is by setting a keypad pin system. Fence contractors can install a keypad system near the gate opening. Parents will use their unique pin to access the gate. Just like the cards, the pins can be deleted or removed from the system after the parent no longer uses the daycare for childcare services.

Outward-Curve Pickets

Another concern that may come with daycare business is the ability to hop over security fences and gates. One way to discourage and prevent this is with the installation of outward-curve pickets. Near the top of a security fence, the pickets can curve outward and feature jagged points. This makes it extremely hard to climb over and acts as a deterrent for anyone trying to get inside of the facilities. The pickets can be installed on the entrance gate along with the whole length of the security fence.

Video-Phone Intercoms

For guests that visit during the day, it can be a challenge to always return to a base station for base access. To help monitor gate activity, your daycare business can have a video-phone intercom installed. Instead of being connected to a main access panel, the video intercoms can connect through cell-phone apps that daycare workers have installed. These type of systems are known as GSM intercoms and can be installed with almost any type of entry gate. When someone tries to access the gate, an alert can be sent to the point. This allows the worker to instantly communicate with the person at the gate and open the gate if necessary. Along with parent pick-ups, this type of service is ideal for food and package deliveries.

A fencing contractor such as Phoenix Fence, Co. can help plan out your security gate and set you up with the best options.


16 September 2016

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