3 Things To Consider Before Installing A New Fence


Are you tired of people cutting through your property? Are you planning on putting up a fence to keep people from trampling your flowers and destroying your lawn? Before you contact a professional about getting a fence installed, you probably want to know something about the different options that are available. Since there are a wide number of fencing materials available, this can be seemingly confusing at first. But by narrowing down exactly what attributes that you want for your fence, you can make your decision more easily:

Privacy: All fences obviously afford at least a little privacy, but some obviously offer more privacy than others. If you have your fence contractor put up a plain wrought iron fence, you'll keep people out of your yard but they may still be able to see everything that you're doing. A board fence, whether by itself or as part of a wrought iron fence, will prevent most people from being able to see into your backyard. To block as much noise as possible, you may want to consider having a brick, block, or stone wall put around your property. While these heavy fences won't be able to keep out all noise, they will help to deaden many of the sounds coming from the home and street around yours.

Soil consistency: Unfortunately, not many people take into account the type of soil that they have before going to talk to a fence contractor. While a good professional can put up almost any type of fence in all sorts of soil types, some fences will be easier than others. If you have hard and compact soil, it may be faster and easier to put up a brick wall than to try to put in a wooden or chain link fence where you have to dig post holes. On the other hand, ground that is frequently soft and soggy may collapse under the weight of a heavy brick wall. While you want to have a good idea of the type of fencing that you're needing, be ready to have to change your expectations depending on exactly what soil you have in and around your yard.

Durability: If you live in an area where termites or carpenter ants are common, you'll want to avoid a traditional picket or board fence. Vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, or even block fences are all good choices for these areas. On the other hand, if you live in an area that sees a lot of humidity, you may want to avoid certain types of metal fencing as it may rust or corrode relatively quickly. Your fencing contractor, such as at Spences Fences, will be able to give you a good idea as to how long each type of fencing can be expected to last in your area.


21 March 2017

Finding Better Fencing Contractors

When we started trying to build our own fence, we realized that we were way out of our league. We had no idea how to go about securing the fence to the ground, and it seemed like no matter what we did, we couldn't get things straight. We realized that in order to protect our investment, we should hire a professional fence contractor. We found an excellent contractor in our area who offered great rates, and they did an amazing job. When our new fence was up, our kids felt safer in our yard and we weren't worried about the fence staying stable. Read this blog to learn more about fencing.