Three Tips For Installing And Taking Care Of A Picket Fence On Your Property


A picket fence can be a charming and practical addition to almost any property. While picket fences are somewhat common, many homeowners will have a very limited knowledge about these fences. If you are currently in the process of considering installing a picket fence on your property, a few tips will enable you to make smart decisions through the process of installing one and taking care of one.

Opt For Pressure-treated Wood

The choice of wood that you use for your picket fence will be an important factor for both its appearance and durability. To have a picket fence that will be as durable as possible while still being made of natural wood, you should consider opting for pressure-treated planks. This type of wood is subjected to intense pressures that will help to close the small pores and gaps in the wood that can allow water to get inside it and cause rot. A fence made of pressure-treated wood will likely be more costly, but it will withstand being exposed to moisture far better.

Keep The Picket Fence Clean

As the days and weeks pass, your picket fence will start to become dirty. This can occur from mud being splashed on it, dust being blown on it, and any other substance that can come into contact with the wood. Regularly cleaning the fence can protect it from these substances, as well as from discoloration and rotting wood. In order to clean your picket fence as quickly and thoroughly as possible, you should rent a pressure washer as the jet of water from the nozzle will have sufficient force to remove these particles from the fence; and, you won't need to spend time manually scrubbing the fence.

Treat The Fence For Termites Each Year

A natural wood picket fence can be a beautiful addition to your property. Yet, it will be a target for termites. These insects will feed on the wood in the fence, and a colony of these insects can destroy your fence over the course of a few weeks or months. Regularly treating the fence for termites is a critical step for protecting the picket fence from sustaining major damage from these pests. Ideally, you should apply termite treatment to the fence every year during the spring months. If you notice that sections of the fence have suffered termite damage, you will need to remove the compromised section and replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, termites will spread to the other sections of fence.


15 July 2017

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