Fence Ideas For Corner Lots


Corner lots can be difficult to define without a fence, and adding a fence can help to keep people from walking across your lawn. They can also help to prevent cars from turning onto your property as well. If you have a corner lot without a fence, here are a few options to consider that both define your lot and add beauty to your property.

Corner Fence Posts

If you have a large lot, you may not want to install a fence that runs the perimeter of your property. Instead, consider adding corner fence posts to indicate the end of your lot. These posts come in a variety of styles, such as picket, split rail, or ranch. You can accent your corner fence posts with flower bushes or plants to create a lovely bit of landscaping at the edge of your property. Consider adding a small archway at the beginning of your home's walkway to match the corner fence posts for a cohesive look.

Rounded Corner Fences

For a more seamless look to complete a fence that surrounds your property, consider rounded corner fences. This design offers a soft look and also increases visibility around the corner, giving pedestrians a clear view of other people, bicycles, or vehicles that might be coming their way. This is also an ideal option if you have bushes or trees at the edge of your lot that you don't want to remove. The fence can be built to curve around the greenery for a natural look.

Brick And Metal Fences

For a more upscale look, consider a brick and metal fence. These designs typically feature brick posts set several feet apart with wrought iron fencing in between. You can choose a lower fence designed to simply define the borders of your corner lot, or you can choose a taller fence that prevents access to your property. At the corner, have your contractor build a large brick post, and place a metal sign with your house number on it. You can also embellish this type of fence by adding lanterns to the top of the corner posts, which illuminate your property while increasing visibility for pedestrians and cars passing by.

Talk to a fence contractor, like one from Crown Fence Co, about your budget and the different options available to create a corner fence that defines your property. With the addition of a beautiful fence, you can improve your home's curb appeal while helping to keep people off of your lawn.


11 August 2017

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