Want Fencing Ideal For Your Children? 3 Features To Look For


When you've bought a home that doesn't have fencing in the yard yet, you may be hesitant to allow your children to spend a lot of time playing outside due to security concerns. If you've begun the process of exploring your options for new fencing, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of features can make a big difference in safety.

Avoid Fencing with Sharp Edges

Wood fencing can look timeless, but it can cause injuries due to the prevalence of splinters that can occur from untreated wood. Young children can easily get splinters from touching the fence with their bare hands, possibly leading to an infection. If wood fencing is something that you're interested in for your yard, you'll need to keep it polished to avoid any splintering wood.

Iron fencing with ornamental posts are also something you'll need to avoid to ensure that your children won't get hurt by putting their hands over the sharp posts on top.

Make Sure the Fence Isn't Easy to Scale

One of the most important things to focus on when picking fencing for your yard is ensuring that it's tall enough to provide the safety that you want. Many people make the mistake of getting fencing that is too short, where it can be scaled easily, or has horizontal posts that make it easy to climb over it with enough grip for your feet.

Looking for fencing that won't be easy to scale can make the yard much more secure and help to prevent anyone from being able to get in or out of your yard by climbing.

Incorporate the Landscaping

When you're in the early steps of designing your yard, you should consider other landscaping features that you'll want with the new fence. From a playground to thick hedges planted alongside the fence, keeping your landscaping plans in mind can help you make sure that the fence won't look out of place or be in the way.

Having plans for your landscaping can also help you find different design choices for fencing you may have missed before, such as Plexiglass or bamboo.

As you prepare to pick out fencing for your yard, you need to make sure that you have your priorities straight. With the focus on making sure that the fencing will be safe for your children, you can get a new look in your yard and help boost the security of the yard as well.

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1 August 2018

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When we started trying to build our own fence, we realized that we were way out of our league. We had no idea how to go about securing the fence to the ground, and it seemed like no matter what we did, we couldn't get things straight. We realized that in order to protect our investment, we should hire a professional fence contractor. We found an excellent contractor in our area who offered great rates, and they did an amazing job. When our new fence was up, our kids felt safer in our yard and we weren't worried about the fence staying stable. Read this blog to learn more about fencing.