How to Get Ready for a New Fence Installation


If you don't already have a fence on your property, then you won't have anything to use as a guide when you get a new fence installed. Therefore, you'll need to decide exactly where the fence will go and prep the land before the installation. Here are some things you may need to do before you can have a new fence put up.

Get Permit, Survey & Utility Location

You may or may not need a permit for a fence, so check with your local codes office to find out. Also, if you're hiring a fence company to install the fence, they might get the permit for you if you need one and include it in the price of the installation. A survey is almost always needed unless the fence will be well within your property boundary.

If you want a fence that follows your property line, then a survey is necessary so you don't build on a neighbor's land. Another thing that's required before you put up a fence is to have your utility lines located and marked so they aren't damaged when digging the post holes.

Lay Out the Fence Line

Get a few stakes and some string so you can mark the area where you want the fence. This helps you visualize where the fence will be, and if you'll be buying the materials yourself, this also helps you determine the exact number of panels and posts you need for your fence. Place a stake where a post will go so you can see if rocks or anything else is in the way that needs to be removed.

Connect the posts with string so you can visualize how well a fence will sit next to a tree or other obstruction you can't move. The fence installer may need to make adjustments to your design, but you'll still have a visual representation of the fence so you can prep the yard as needed to get ready for the installation.

Prepare the Land

The land should be clear and as flat as possible along the area where you'll put in the fence. Mow down grass, weeds, and overgrowth. You may also need to take out some plants or cut down small trees that are in the new fence line. Decide how you'll deal with mature trees if they will be in the way of a new fence.

You may want to flatten small areas of elevation or fill in depressions, especially if you have pets that you don't want to escape under the fence. A fence installation company like Holman Fence LLC can deal with hills and uneven ground by adjusting the way the fence is installed so you probably won't need to do any excavating to alter slopes on your land.

Getting your yard ready for the fence installation makes the job go smoother when it's time to put up the fence. Part of the work will already be done so the only thing left will be sinking the posts into the ground and connecting the panels.


26 September 2018

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