Install A Cedar Fence Around Your New Pool


If you are having an above ground pool installed on your property this summer, cedar fence installation services for around the water feature will provide ample privacy and security. Cedar is a sturdy material that is often used when constructing a residential fence. Cedar requires little maintenance and provides a waterproof barrier.

A Cedar Fence Will Be Ready For Use After It Is Installed

Cedar fencing does not need to be stained, varnished, or painted, prior to installation. As cedar ages, it may turn a grayish color, which will add character to the fence. If you would like the wood to remain the same color, you will need to use a wood cleaning agent to clean the cedar each year and prevent the wood color from fading. Otherwise, there won't be any formal maintenance steps that need to be completed, other than occasionally using a water hose to spray both sides of the fence. This will remove grass clippings or dirt.

The Design Can Be A Custom One

A cedar fence can contain horizontal or vertical boards that are aligned next to one another or panels that contain lattice borders or capped tops. If you want to keep most of the backyard private, but still want to ensure that sunlight can filter through, choose to have wide lattice strips added to each fencing panel. The gate that connects to the fence can have a lattice design added to the middle or you can have a window cutout added to the gate and use a piece of plexiglass to fill the cutout. With this type of design, trees and shrubs that require plenty of sunlight will not be at risk of wilting or dying, due to the new enclosure and when visitors stop by, you and your family members will be able to see who is approaching the gate. Choose wrought iron handles and hinges or a brass knob and shiny hardware to accessorize the fence.

A Flowerbed Or Shelving Will Draw Attention To The Fence

Once the new feature has been installed, you can add color around or on the fencing to draw attention to your property. Add a flowerbed along each side of the fence or stick to adding decorative features to the interior side of the fence, so that the opposite side won't turn heads, as people pass by your residence.Use multi-colored flowering plants and dark green vines and shrubs to complement the fencing or have shelving installed along the interior side of the fence and use the shelves to display small potted plants.


17 June 2019

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